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Here is a short interview with her in August 2007, and her photos, as well as her gallery on Lomography. Video Vivian Maier and Her Photography Interview by Vivian Maier, August 2007 Q: I've read your book, Vivian, why did you decide to start taking photographs? A: As far as I know, I have no specific intention to take photographs. I didn't decide to become a photographer, so the decision is already made. After my childhood I got bored of school and wanted to become a photographer. However, after that, I had a chance to study photography at the Max Müller Institute, and then moved to London. After two years I didn't want to study anymore, so I wanted to look for a job. In the meanwhile I got a job as an assistant to a photographer. But I got tired of it. I was no longer inspired by this kind of work. The only reason I did not become a photographer was that I could not afford to buy a camera. Q: What was the first camera you bought? A: A Canon 35 mm. It was a gift from my husband. I took it with me on holiday, and I found that I liked it a lot. In London I got a Leica and a Nikkor 35 mm. Q: Why did you want to take pictures, when you did? A: I liked to keep a diary and I was the only one who had an opportunity to look into it. My husband would always ask me, "Do you take a diary or not?" I wrote everything down. For example, I wrote a few weeks after I moved to London that I did not have enough money to buy things. Q: When did you start selling pictures? A: I took pictures in London when I was 26. I was already working as a tour guide. I started to sell photos only after my husband and I moved to the U.S. It was in 1982. I tried it in New York, but the people there didn't want photos. They would only want the kind of photos I was taking in London. After that I started to take a few pictures in Chicago. Q: You've been to Chicago a lot, why? A: I moved there only after my husband. He needed to learn English. My first exhibition was in Detroit, and I moved to Chicago in 1987




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HD Online Player (mkv 1080p Latino 1 Link 13) alyjar

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